1. comprising the full quantity, amount, extent, number, etc., without diminution or exception; entire, full, or total: He ate the whole pie. They ran the whole distance.
2. containing all the elements properly belonging; complete: We have a whole set of antique china.
3. undivided; in one piece: to swallow a thing whole.
4. Mathematics . integral, or not fractional.
5. not broken, damaged, or impaired; intact

How can we be a whole person? How can we live a life of wholeness?!

Being whole does not entail being perfect. There is no such thing as perfection when referring to the human race. We were simply designed to be flawed – whether we like it or not. I think there are a few experiences that humans can have in their lives:
We can live our lives thinking we are whole, when we actually are not. We can be only half alive and stay that way for the entirety of our lives. Or. We can be half alive and then find the wholeness we need to live a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.

I can truthfully say that I have been half alive. Not only emotionally, but mentally and physically as well. I am on my journey to becoming whole.

Today in church, the congregation was asked, “Do you live like a whole person?” This is a question that I ask myself every single day, though I had never phrased it as “whole” before. What being “whole” means to me is this:

Being whole means that people can see Christ in my lifestyle, attitudes, words, treatment of others, my actions…and the list could go on. Each individual, whether they know it or not, has their own variation of this list.

Christ alone, is the source of eternal healing. And in my experience, physical healing can (and did) also mean spiritual healing. I was healed from the inside out, and am continuing to be healed from the inside out. We can find wholeness in our lives when we come to Jesus Christ for salvation.

As I was healing physically over the past 6 months, I began to see all the blessings in my life. I began to see through eyes of gratitude rather than living as a victim of my circumstances. I am continuing, with the help of those around me, to heal mentally and emotionally as well. And friends, my heart is full. It is full of Christ’s love for me and for the world. I now have the capability to see his grace in everyday moments…a quiet morning, a friend’s laugh, an elderly couple out in public, etc. My life is slowly becoming more and more whole as I learn not only how to treat and love others, but also how I can best take care of and love myself. We were each created individually by God’s great design, and HE MAKES NO MISTAKES. God is perfect. Perfect love. Perfect grace. Perfect mercy. Perfect plans for each and every one of us. We may feel insignificant, overwhelmed, unlovable, not good enough, you name it. Trust me, I’ve been there and it is not a good place to be. But through God’s grace and healing in my life I am growing and learning in magnificent ways. I am becoming whole. And I pray to God that I am helping others become whole as well by acting as love in their lives.

Are you whole? You can be if you ask yourself each and every day:

Do I live like a whole person?

If the answer is no, then ask God to help you make the necessary changes in your life to get you to that place. I am getting there and let me tell you…there is NO going back!

God Bless<3


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