If Nothing Ever Changed, There’d be No Butterflies.

I have a confession: I have a quiet obsession with butterflies.

Meaning: I have never been outspoken about this love like I am about music, or shoes, or dogs, or anything else that I am known to openly care about. This obsession has developed as of late. About the last year or so. Butterflies have meaning – they are beautiful creatures.

Think about this: something that was once ugly and essentially useless morphs slowly, over time, into something beautiful that has the ability to pollinate flowers and spread life.

Maybe it became meaningful because it became my life. I was a caterpillar. I was ugly in the sense that I had no idea who I was…I was flailing out in the open, choking like a fish out of water. I had no purpose. I survived, and that was all. Passing day by day with the ins and outs that are the bare minimum of life. But see, much like a caterpillar, I did not realize that I was useless. I did not realize that my behavior was that of something or someone who was already dead to those around me and dead to the world I was stumbling through.

I have transformed. I have gone from a lifeless, essentially dead, human being to someone who has hope and energy for life. I’m not gonna pretend I have it all figured out yet, or that I ever will. I’m not trying to say that I now believe that I am “beautiful” (whatever “beautiful” really means?!). What I am saying is that now, I have yearning to learn about this world. I want to learn about God and everything that he has created, blessed me with – and hey, I even believe that blessings exist!!

I think that the main difference between a caterpillar and a butterfly is how they see the world. A caterpillar is stuck on the ground and can only see something directly in front of it. A butterflies, however, can see it’s surroundings. It can look down from above with clarity and see a more accurate image of the space where it resides.

I was a caterpillar before I knew God in my life. I am now a butterfly. I am not beautiful, not in the physical sense. I don’t provide much for the eye, but my goal is to provide a LOT for the heart – the hearts of those around me who also deserve to know Christ in their lives. I want to have a beautiful soul. Who cares what my hair, face, body, etc looks like?! (let’s be real, that was completely a rhetorical question because I DO still care what my appearance looks like) The thing about appearance is this: As far as being “beautiful” goes…A butterfly can blend in with it’s surroundings just by closing it’s wings. But when it is ready to fly and it unfolds it’s wings, that is when we see the beautiful design God has individually places on each butterfly! People are much the same way…maybe not much to look at on the outside, but once you take the chance to truly get to know someone, you may see something very beautiful.

Like the saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and physical beauty is definitely not bad. But there’s always more to a person than their appearance.

Anyways, back to the butterfly. I hope that one day I can take flight and look back down at the ground and see caterpillars that are yearning to becoming butterflies – striving to know Christ and to find their identity in him. To see that transformation would be to see true beauty. And I also hope that I can spread my wings and show everyone the gifts that God has blessed me with. I am so, SO blessed. I am blessed to know our Lord, Jesus Christ and to have changed (with his help and guidance) from a caterpillar into a butterfly – still not much to look at, but learning to spread my wings and show my true color.

So, this is why I have recently become obsessed with butterflies. They are beautiful animals, created by God and they make for a wonderful example of what it means to truly know Christ and to truly know life.

“What if butterflies just exist to bring color and joy to the world? What if their sole purpose in life is to freely flit around and remind us that we are born with the innate ability to not only survive, but to fly?” He was being profound and poetic, while she was being scientific. Mary grew silent and thought before she spoke. “Maybe so, but they don’t live forever.” “Neither do we or any other thing on the planet. It’s butterflies’ abilities to happily fly despite everything around them that makes them free.”
― Nicole Renee Wyatt


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