Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice?!

I don’t like to play favorites. I think it’s setting yourself up for failure if you prematurely decide which you will always like best. Aren’t we allowed to always change our minds? In fact, I believe our minds should always be changing, just as our hearts, bodies, and souls are also constantly changing.


Fall is undoubtedly my favorite.

“Two sounds of autumn are unmistakable…the hurrying rustle of crisp leaves blown along the street…by a gusty wind, and the gabble of a flock of migrating geese.”
― Hal Borland

I like fall because, similar to New Year’s, it offers a fresh start. Unlike New Years, Fall isn’t all about making promises to yourself that everyone, aside from yourself, knows you’ll never keep. Fall is the season of new beginnings – true new beginnings.

Fall is such a transitional phase for, not only the individual, but the entire community. We begin to see yellow school buses en route to their morning and afternoon destinations. We learn their pattern and eventually figure out how to take a different route so we can avoid their strict “25mph” school zone safety rules. It’s the season of new stuff – school supplies, clothes, classes, etc. I am a little weird about school supplies. I love buying school supplies. For whatever reason, I find it rewarding to buy it and then go through the process of using it because I know I am improving myself and my mind. Not to mention – I just love school. I love starting new classes and having new assignments and a regular schedule. Sure, the relaxed and slow pace of summer is good for a time, but I like (and need) regularity. Fall is the time of new meetings. Whether it be in the classroom or in your work place – it’s exciting to meet new co workers, teachers, parents, students, friends, etc. It’s fun to see a whole other chapter of a book be written out before your eyes.

The transition isn’t only in routine, people, and places, either! The transition happens all around you. Fall is perfect for me because, I’m sorry to say but, I’m a little – scratch that – SUPER picky. I don’t like to be cold and I don’t like to be hot. But I actually DESPISE being hot, more than cold. So, fall is perfect. It’s just the right combination of chilly mornings and sunny afternoons for me. It’s cool enough that you’re never sweating, but warm enough that a jacket will do! I’m not one for the Eskimo jacket and skis…a little too intense for my liking. I do not enjoy losing feeling in my extremities but I love seeing my breath in the morning. I love that it begins to get dark earlier because I can walk my dogs and look up at the sky and see stars. I love the coziness of fall! Coziness…ahh! That brings me to yet another specific trait of fall that I am, without a doubt, unashamedly, head over heels, in love with: pumpkin spice lattes.

My favorite snack of all times, which can only be consumed in the fall, is a pumpkin spice latte and ginger snap cookies. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Not to mention, I haven’t indulged myself in this snack in almost TWO WHOLE YEARS! You’re probably behind your computer screen rolling your eyes and thinking, “wow. This kid.” But, I promise – I am not one of those “stuck-up-let-me-take-a-“white girl pic”-with-my-Starbucks-cup-and-post-it-social-media” type of girls. Although, admittedly, I do have my weak moments and occasionally post my deliciously over priced coffee on instagram. I digress. Sheetz, Stop in, 7-Eleven, etc will do. So long as they have pumpkin spice lattes/coffee, I will be a happy, happy girl!

Yet another benefit to this delicious time of the year is the requirement of more clothing. I could rant on a soap box all day about how people dress in the summer, but hey – who am I to judge?! I’m probably just a little bit jealous of their confidence in their own ability to wear shorts with half their butt hanging out and crop tops that barely cover what a bathing suit would cover. Again – totally not judging (but probably judging just a bit, I’m human). I love boots! So much that, those of you who know me, would probably agree that I wear them a bit over zealously (as in, all year around). I love, tall socks, leggings, big sweater, infinity scarves, and I could go on and on.

It’s almost fall guys, and I am getting so excited just thinking about it all! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me as this year begins to end (said maybe a bit prematurely, but hey – we’re almost 2/3’s of the way through 2014.) As summer comes to a close (I know I start classes this Wednesday and most schools start very soon, if they haven’t already) and the days begin to get shorter and the weather, cooler…think of everything you’re thankful for and try to embrace the changing seasons. Much like life – every season offers something beautiful. Even if it’s hard to see it or find it – it’s in their, hidden in leaves, the hot coffee, the snowflakes, the sunflowers, the beach towel…

If you’re having trouble embracing this fresh start, try making a list of everything beautiful about this time of the year…

I like waking up in the dark and watching the world come to life. I love seeing my breath and watching the leaves change. I love how, even the colors of the lines painted on the street seem to change, but in reality it’s the changing surroundings that cause that effect. I love warm cups of coffee at any time of day. I love chapped cheeks and cool air. I love boots and scarves and over sized sweaters. I love seeing the transition that God is leading the world through as the year begins to end. I love the excitement of the up and coming Christmas season.

Life is a latte, so make it pumpkin spice 😉

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