Have you ever felt overwhelmed? There are different types of being overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed in the sense of being stressed out (nothing new there, right?), but I am also overwhelmed by the glory and beauty that surrounds me. Lately I have been reflecting on friendships, relationships, life in general. It’s true that I’m changing and evolving. Some people may not like me as much due to that, others will like me even more because they can appreciate that change in me. People, generally speaking, don’t like to hear the truth. The don’t like to see it laid out before them and realize that they don’t follow it, practice it, believe it, etc. They might even throw excuses back in your face or get defensive. And I’m experiencing some of that.

As I grow and change, my friendships are also growing and changing. I now look at certain people in my life as role models and thank God for their existence every day. Whereas some of my friendships, I’m finding less fulfilling because of the growing gap between myself and the other person. There’s not a wrong versus right, bad versus good…just an ever widening difference. This places me at a cross road of having to pick and choose which relationships are healthy for me and uplifting to me and which I can handle less of, or do without.

Regardless, there is beauty. I find comfort in the kind words received from friends, catching up over a cup of coffee, a date night out (even if it’s seeing a middle school musical). However far and few between these moments may be (because dealing with my own schedule is tough enough – much less trying to line something up with another person’s schedule as well), they are meaningful.

Yesterday, I received a text with the words, “…you are loved.” And it overwhelmed me. I am loved. I am loved. I am loved and so are you. There is love in this world despite all the trials and tough stuff we face on a daily basis. There is love. I am overwhelmed by the thought that I am loved by people on this earth. Busy people, stressed, schedules maxed out, deadlines to meet, whatever is it that’s going on – I am loved.

This simple gesture of kindness was a strong reminder of the love of Jesus. I am fortunate enough to be blessed with MANY amazing souls in my life – beautiful people inside and outside surround me every single day. But regardless of what I experience in this life, and what YOU experience in this life – there will ALWAYS be the love of our Savior.

With God, there is such a personal relationship, but yet it is so easily shared with others. The love of Christ surrounds even those who don’t believe and that gives me hope that there’s never a day without opportunity to love one another like Christ has loved us. We are such small human beings, in such a tiny corner of our own little world – yet there is a God who takes the time to count every hair on our heads and collect all out tears. There is a perfect love for each and every one of us despite anything we do. I am overwhelmed by the love in my life – the physical and the spiritual. So to everyone who’s not feeling loved today, know that you are deeply sought after by the love of Christ. There is always a hand to hold when you walk with him. Life is journey. Sometimes it feels good to feel overwhelmed.

“The world is big in some ways, and so small in others.”
― Ashly Lorenzana


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