“Keep it Between the Lines!”

Have you ever noticed how the lines on the street look yellow in the summer, but usually appear more orange in the fall/winter? Maybe I’m just crazy (a very likely possibility).

But that’s just so crazy to me – the same exact line, not repainted or changed in any way, has changed colors. It’s obviously due to the surroundings. There are thousands of fallen leaves on the street this time of year and in a few months they’ll be dirty salt and stained snow piled up around the curbs.

People are a lot like that. People (myself included) tend to allow their surroundings to dictate who they are. I don’t mean this in a peer pressure, shoe trend, Gossip Girl, kind of way. I mean…on a deeper level.

Who you have as friends says a lot about you. This is true, whether we like to admit it or not – it’s true. What values you choose to follow and identify with also says a lot about you. BUT. Even more so, how you react in times of struggles, says a whole lot more about the person you are and who you strive to be.

Will you let the different periods and stages of your life change the true color of your soul? Or will you remain constant and faithful?

Yes. I’m talking God.

Stick with me here through this. When the sun is shinning and the colors of the lines on the road are yellow…life is sunny. You may be in a good place emotionally, financially, romantically, etc. You are content and it’s easy to say, “Thanks God, you rock!” But sometimes the wind picks up and the temperature drops, leaves (i.e. struggles) start falling down around you and you may feel lost, abandoned, hurt, and fearful. It’s easy to look at God and say, “Where are you? Why aren’t you showing up for me?” It’s easy to lose yourself, your solid ground, your values, your beliefs…it’s easy to change colors in an instant just due to your circumstances and surroundings.

My faith is my constant source of hope. Christ is my best friend, my father, my King. God will take my broken heart and heal it in his own way and in his own time. But it’s really easy to get impatient and blend in with my surroundings. It’s easy to fall into the guilt trap, the gossiping, the complaining, etc. And it’s even easier to give up.

But that’s not what we are called to do. We care called to remain constant in our faith and strong in our spiritual footings. We are called to spread the good news of Christ Jesus to everyone around us. We can spread our sunshine regardless of the leaves or the snow that’s trying to cover up our light. When the whole world is screaming at us, pulling us in all directions, we are called to remain steadfast. We are called to show our true colors and hold our own.

This has been on my heart as of late because there’s been so much drama. Drama at school, drama at home, drama in my own personal life. I can allow this “stuff” to weaken my faith in God. I have even caught myself saying, “Really, God? Again? Can’t I catch a break?” When what I should really be saying is this: “God thank you for providing me with yet another opportunity to use my own voice, show my own colors, share your mercy, grace, and forgiveness with others, and become stronger in my walk with you.”

Don’t let the seasons, the hard patches, the rough spots, the tough times change who you are. Your identity is found in Christ and in Christ alone!

Remember this:
“Who am I without Christ Jesus? I have no identity without my Savior. My actions amount to nothing without intention behind them. And what would intention be based on, if not on Jesus Christ? All intention not rooted in God is rooted in evil and will ultimately destroy my identity in Christ. I am weak, but my God is strong. He will help me shine, yellow like the sun.”
-yours truly

It’s okay to explore, to go off the beaten path, to ask questions. Just make sure you keep it between the lines. The lines which are the color of YOUR identity in God. Find that, cling to it, find hope in it every single day. And don’t let the seasons of your life ever dim your light.StreetScene_YellowLines_AutoMedia.com_092711-e1317230431176


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