4 Simple Words

I have something to say. 4 simple words: I am over it.

I am over the gossiping.
I am over the cliquishness.
I am over the backstabbing.
I am over the passive aggressiveness.
I am over the immaturity.

It’s time to grow up. We are in college now people. We are actually adults. It’s time to start having friends, not so that you can mutually hate on other people who you see as less than you (or who you feel threatened by for some reason) and it’s time to start spending time with people because you want to know them more. Friendship isn’t one huge gossip, backstabbing session….it’s pure curiosity about another person’s life and well being. It’s being there to pick them up when they fall, even if it seems as if they fall more than they are able to stand. It’s being able to have a stitch in your side because of all the laughter. It’s being able to share core values and it’s being able to say, “I hear you and support you.” even if you don’t understand.

I am over the middle/high school friendships.
I am over the pettiness.
I am over the hate.
I am over with judgment.
I am over fake friendships.
I am over wasting time and energy.
I am over the stress and anxiety that all of this causes.

It’s really funny how, when you finally start to love yourself, all of the sudden your friendships start to look different too. Now that I have some level of value in myself, I also respect my own feelings, time, energy, and well-being. I also cherish true friendships more. I want friendships that honor God and bring him glory, and that also means having friendships that are healthy and uplifting for me.

I am over it, and onto better things!

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds


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