What’s In a Name?

What’s In a Name?

Everything, really. Your name is your identity for your entire existence here on Earth. With it, it carries memories, specific attachments, objects, innuendos, positive and yes…even negative, thoughts.

Violin girl…hickey kid…church girl…music freak….sick kid…double name girl

All things that have replaced my name in the past. People felt a need to label me as something they saw as being “more fitting” to my being than the simple name given to me.

As the year draws towards a close…wintery winds wipe the leaf stained streets clean, ice sickles dangle precariously from tree limbs, birds hip hop across the top layer of snow on the ground, and the world is reminded of the coldness of winter…I am struck with the remarkable sense of reflection. (basically a really fancy way of saying that things are about to get cheesy). Who and what am I? What is my identity, other than the simple (yes – double name) of, Sarah Catherine?

I am more than the music I create.
I am more than the right (and definitely more than the wrong) notes which I play.
I am more than the hickey on my neck.
I am more than the calluses on my fingers.
I am more than the songs I sing each morning in the shower.
I am more than the prayers I murmur in church.
I am more than who I sit with in church because there have been times that I have sat alone.
I am more than the number of playing gigs I get offered.
I am more than the number of playing gigs that I try-my-absolute-hardest-to-not-over-schedule-but-somehow-always-do every Christmas season.
I am more than the clothes I buy and the clothes which I wear.
I am more than the brand of shoes, the style of dress, the name of the coat I wear.
I am more than the clarity of my skin (thank God for that, right?)
I am more than the chill bumps on my arms.
I am more than the grades which I achieve in school.
I am more than that time I failed Biology.
I am more than what classes I take…and how many times I have to take them to pass them.
I am more than the thickness of my legs or my waist.
I am more than the number of friends which I have. (although I must advise you: less is more!)
I am more than the number of social gatherings I attend.
I am far more than the number of invitations I receive.
I am more than the amounts of nights I stay up late.
I am more than the food I eat, and so much more than the food which I have passed up in the past.
I am more than a number on a pair of jeans.
I am more than a size in the soul of a shoe.
I am more than the rare mornings on which I choose to sleep in.
I am more than a daughter.
I am more than a sister.
I am more than a teacher.
I am more than a student.
I am more than a friend to others.
I am His and He is mine.

I am a child of God.

I feel particularly strongly about this due to some circumstances I have been through this past year. The most recent being one of losing and gaining friends…I gained a few, I lost a few. Life happens. But it made me reflect on what I value in myself and in other people.

I am honest.
I am artsy.
I am devoted.
I am passionate.
I am kind.
I am respectful…

and my friends are too. Each individual is so, so precious. Each human being here on earth was specially designed by God, to fulfill a specific purpose. It’s time that we quit comparing ourselves to everyone around us. We are our own people. We live our own lives. We have special needs, wants, dreams, etc that look different than anyone else around us. THAT’S OKAY!

I can not be limited by my name here on Earth. I can not live within those limits and those boundaries. I am so much more than that – and so are you!! Quit comparing your journey with the next person. Quit thinking that you aren’t good enough, or you’re too much, or you’ll never measure up. I’ve lived there, I’ve felt that, I’ve breathed that air in and out for 20 years. NO ONE deserves to believe that about themselves.

Take a deep breath, say a prayer, see yourself for who you really are. You’re a warrior!! You don’t have to have been through something tough or life changing to be a warrior…you just have to wake up every single day and live with God! You don’t even have to get out of bed…YOU ARE STILL ENOUGH! You matter. You are loved. Don’t let anyone tear you down or allow yourself to think differently about who you are. God created you for a purpose. Your identity is NOT in your name. It’s NOT in what you do, what you eat or don’t eat, what you wear, your GPA, your resume, etc etc etc. YOUR IDENTITY IS IN CHRIST AND CHRIST ALONE!!

So, yes…you have a name and therefore an “identity” here on earth…that’s just for the sake of simplicity because human minds are small. Do NOT let your name and anything (thoughts, judgments, ideals, things, people, etc) that are associated with your name identify you. The only thing about your name that matters, is what your heart looks like underneath all that scribble.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”
― Corrie ten Boom


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