Dear Reader,

2015 is do able. Just be brave.

    This might not be how you envisioned life would be. That s okay. Forgive yourself. I know you don’t recognize the reflection you see in the mirror. Sometimes you don’t even recognize the words that are coming out of your own mouth. That’s okay too. You are becoming familiar with yourself. You are learning, growing, and evolving. Feelings are overwhelming, but look at you – you’re doing this! YOU are feeling things for the first time in what seems like forever. You have proven to yourself that you are stronger than you ever thought you were. You have proven that you can do things that appear to be impossible. Keep climbing mountains, they make you stronger with every step you take. Don’t be afraid to cross valleys when you come upon them – they too have proven valuable over time. Ask for help when you need it. And trust me, at some point you’ll need it. We weren’t made to journey through this life alone.

People are people. They will hurt you. Chances are, at some point, you will hurt them too. Forgive them, and forgive you. Mostly, forgive you. You deserve love. You may feel lonely sometimes, but like many other things in life – this is a part of the journey. Never forget about your Father in Heaven. He is always there holding your hand every step of the way, setting the path before you, guiding your heart and mind. Listen – He is there in every loud crowd, every silent moment. Never, EVER lose your faith. Don’t ever minimize yourself to earthly people. When you feel lonely, run to your Father – not to people of this world. They can do nothing for you. Pray every day and read your bible every day. Protect your quiet time with God, some days it will be all you have. Live within 24 hour boundaries – tomorrow will never be guaranteed.

     Love as hard as you can. Love God, love yourself, love your body, your life, your surroundings, your quirks, your insecurities, and love everyone around you. Love who you are and who you are becoming and cherish those same things in others. Be a light and let God shine through you with everything you say and do. Protect your mind, protect your body, protect your heart. Great things are ahead if you allow yourself to be set free. Follow the path laid before you. Eat, sleep, take deep breaths. You are alive for a reason – you have purpose. Now go knock ’em dead! 2015 can be your year!


Me ❤

“The bravest are the most tender; the loving are the daring.”
Bayard Joseph Taylor


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