Why Waiting Matters (This Isn’t What You Think It Is).

God gave us patience. Some of us, he gifted with more than others. Hello from one of us whom he didn’t give QUITE a big enough dosage too!! Yep, that’s me. There have been seasons of my life when I have stood on the curb cursing the mailman because he was taking too long to get to our house, or times at restaurants where I have proclaimed, “I am going to die of starvation if they don’t hurry up.” (those of you that know me well probably get a laugh out of that one!).

This week our Pastor talked about the dreaded 4 letter word...LOVE.

No, he was not up there throwing “Mean Girl” quotes at us…
“Don’t have sex. You will get pregnant. And die”

It wasn’t THAT type of preaching haha 😉

However, as soon as he said the word love I felt my stomach drop a few feet towards the ground. “Oh no…it’s following me everywhere!!!”

You see, a week or so ago I bought Taylor Swifts new album and have been listening to it non-stop. Most of her songs are known to be about heartbreak and ruined relationships, so naturally it got me in that “hopeless romantic” mood that we all go through during different phases of our lives. I found myself asking questions like, “Why haven’t I found anyone?” “When will it be my turn to fall in love?” “What if I never find THE one?”

You know the spiral – one innocent question turns into one hundred doubts and all of the sudden you find yourself feeling very insignificant and insecure about who, where, what you are and everything you do.

And then this sermon.

BUT. It gets better – as things always have a tendency too.

To get straight to the point: REAL love is loving like Jesus.

The relationship we have with Jesus Christ will help us to foster the right type of love for others. How cool and important is that?! And not only that, but it is CRUCIAL to understand our intimate one-on-one relationship with Christ in order to practice true, biblical love in our lives.

Which brings me to this: when I love, I want to do it right.

Now this biblical love isn’t only talking about a one-on-one lifetime relationship. Biblical love is applicable in every single day to day interaction and even in our own individual thoughts, life, etc.

But this sermon got me thinking and it struck me: What I truly want is for anybody I date to have to search for God before they can ever even have a chance of finding me.

We’ve come full circle. This is why waiting matters. I want to wait for a healthy, fulfilling, Jesus centered relationship. What’s the point in allowing myself to get hurt time and time again just to have to pick myself up and start all over? I’m not saying that this is a “one and done” type of deal – I may have to try (and fail) a few times. But that doesn’t change the FACT that it is important for all relationships, especially intimate, romantic ones, to be healthy. And even if he’s not “Mr. Right” it can still be a healthy and happy relationship.

Sometimes, we feel alone in this world. We never are, but feelings are feelings. It’s really hard when you see lots of loving relationships around you (friends dating, loving parents, friends’ parents, etc) not to get down and feel dismayed – as if that same thing is unattainable for you. I know, because I’ve been there. But it’s worth the wait. I would much rather grow to know Jesus and enjoy my alone time with him – getting to know him better as well as getting to know myself better, before I even dream of adding anyone else into the equation. I want to be consumed by Jesus to the point that guys won’t even notice me unless they also are Christ centered and focused with their own hearts and lives. I want to fall in love with a Man who loves Christ 1st and me 2nd.

I’ve still got a LOT of learning to do and a lot of growing to do with my relationship with Christ. It’s a life long process, and it doesn’t have to (and won’t) be “complete” by the time I start to get involved with other people – it doesn’t need to be. I do want it to be firm though – so solidly built into the ground that not a single thing or person can ever shake it or tear it down.

I am His and He is mine. Love Christ first – everyone else is worth the wait.


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