I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am not graceful or stunning or even remotely wise. But I don’t mind not being all those things. There is one word that encompasses all I wish to be. I long to be radiant! Because to me, to be radiant, opens a world of endless possibilities.

To be radiant is to light up a room with your smile – the contagious laughter that falls smoothly and freely like a natural creek left to find its own path through a forest.
To be radiant is to view the world through the unencumbered galaxies that reside in your eyes – the beauty left untouched, natural, and shining even when there’s darkness around you.
To be radiant is to say much with a few words – to let your actions speak much louder than anything you could possibly say.
To be radiant is to listen with more than just your ears – to hear and feel with the doors of your heart flung wide open.
To be radiant is to make even the oddest of encounters feel safe – that strangers may feel comfortable and welcomed in your presence.
To be radiant is to shout loudly, unafraid of rebuke, the words of the Lord – to worship through not only songs, but through words, deeds, and everyday interactions.
To be radiant is to be confident, not in what you do, say, or have surrounding you, but in who you are as a child of the Lord, Jesus Christ.
To be radiant is my lifelong goal – to never stop learning and growing as an individual, to never stop being curious about the world around me, to never become complacent in my relationship with God, to always approach the world and it’s inhabitants with an open mind, but even more importantly – an open heart.

“When you are radiant beaming with love, you help others to feel lovable also. It becomes a love chain that spreads everywhere and touches everyone and everything around you.”
― Angie Karan Krezos



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