This Week’s Challenge:

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! I love Sundays. This morning was kind of a blurr because my dad came in my room at 7:30 and asked if I was going to church to sing this morning. So, I got up, showered, ran around like a crazy person, and then left the house 15 minutes later. I can move quickly when I need too.

It was well worth it too. Not only do I greatly enjoy singing alongside fellow believers, but I deeply enjoy the sermons that are given at our church. All of our pastors are talented and I always walk away with thought provoking messages that I can meditate on throughout the following week. Today’s sermon was about humility.

The key to humility is love and forgiveness. To be humble we must know how to forgive others, and to forgive others is to display the love of Christ. If someone sins against you, the right thing to do is to forgive them – not just for their good, but also for your own. I liked the example our Pastor used which was this:

“If you loan someone $1,000.00 and they never pay you back – the debt is still there no matter how angry you get or how much you try to punish them. You, somehow, have to stomach the loss of that money and deal with it on your own because if they aren’t going to pay you back, there’s ultimately nothing you can do to receive that money.”

This is a lot like forgiveness. When someone sins against you, it’s going to hurt. No matter what the nature of the sin is, it will be hard to stomach. But you can not find healing until you forgive them – even if they don’t ask for forgiveness or ever see their wrongdoing. To forgive someone means that you’re surrendering justice to God and choosing to share love with the world around you. Just like Jesus did for us.

Jesus died for us so that our sins may be forgiven – he didn’t give us the silent treatment, the cold shoulder, or withhold love from us because we sinned and continue to sin everyday. Jesus took the blame and stomached the pain of our sins so that we may live full lives of love every single day.

It’s Sunday. There’s a whole new week ahead of us. Let’s make the conscious decision to share LOVE and FORGIVENESS this week. Forgive the person who may have popped into your mind while reading this. Forgive yourself. It doesn’t take GREAT amounts of faith to forgive, it takes faith in our GREAT God.

If someone’s hurting you, you’re allowed to walk away. Instead of taking on the role as a “peace keeper” become a “peace maker” and make peace with a person, and then do what you need to do to take care of yourself!

You matter. God loves you. You’re beautiful. Have a fabulous week 🙂

“You cannot forgive just once, forgiveness is a daily practice.”
― Sonia Rumzi



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