A Sentimental Update

Today, my body is not yet my best friend. But we aren’t at war. I am becoming more comfortable with who I am, not necessarily with what I reside in quite yet. There’s been progress over the past few months though – I no longer have crippling anxiety when faced with having to talk on the phone or send an e-mail to a “higher up” or “important” person. I no longer ask for people’s opinions on the outfits I wear (because let’s be honest – their opinion doesn’t matter). I have been voicing my needs (mostly) and following through with the actions that I feel are necessary to make my dreams reality – even if others don’t see them as necessary. I am able to accept the love those around me are able and willing to give and I spend a lot less time in the dreaded cycle of “what ifs”. I no longer identify with numbers – the grade on a test, the number on the scale, the score on a judges sheet after an audition. I am learning to go to sleep at night while looking forward to the sunrise, instead of hoping to never see it again. I am facing life one day at a time and trying to love as much as possible within each allotted 24 hour period. I am a child of the Almighty King! This is my life, this is my journey, and I am slowly learning to love it bit by bit.

“The Lord doesn’t always make our paths smooth sailing, but He does make it possible to rise above adversity.”
― Dana Arcuri


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