Speak YOUR Own Truth.

I want people to look at me and see my character, not the size of the jeans I’m wearing.
I want people to come face to face with me and hear what I’m saying – not just look at how my hair has been done.
I want people recognize me because I’ve made a difference, not because a selfie got 100 likes on instagram.
I want people to acknowledge me when I enter a room because they know what I stand for – not just because I’m standing in 4 inch heels.
I am not saying that I wish to be ugly. No, that is far from the truth. I wish to be beautiful – but for all the reasons that truly matter.

It’s time to quit talking about our diets, our “21 day fixes”, or most recent work outs…and it’s time to start talking about our character, our values, our beliefs. It’s time to start spending money and time on the things that improve not only us as individuals, but the world around us.

This is my truth. I want to matter, I want to make a difference, I want to be remembered, and I want to be beautiful. But I want to do all these things through actions that promote love and kindness, and not through pictures, makeup, diets, work outs, or trendy clothes.

Just because the temperature outside is going up does NOT mean that it’s okay for your calorie count to go down. Take care of yourselves so you can impact the world in ways that truly matter AND will make you feel good.



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