God’s Love is Like A Waterfall Raining Down on Me

I’m gonna be honest – I’ve had some major stressors during the past 48 hours (nothing to do with being here in VT, but things happening at home actually). It’s been hard to stay present and it’s been hard to not feel like there’s anyone here that I can sit down and chat with about it….ya know, because it’d take like 5 years to explain the entire situation before I ever actually got around to talking about the actual current issue. But hey, that’s why we have phones….and that’s why we have mothers.

Thanks Mom, for listening patiently…letting me vent, and share my insecurities. Thanks for reassuring me that I am okay simply as I am without needing any adjustments or tweeks. The past 2 days have reminded me that I am His, and He is mine.

We serve a fantastically breathtaking Savior! What a relief it is to me to be able to sit and pray…talking to someone who already knows all my thoughts and has experienced every last one of my feelings, conquered all my sins, and saved me from myself!

I heard this song this morning and HAD to share; it spoke to me:

I felt so blessed last night to sit and talk with many of my friends (at different points throughout the afternoon/evening) and to get to know a few more individuals here at GMCMF. These people are simply phenomenal. I can not put words to the remarkable time we had while visiting MONTREAL, CANADA this past Sunday. Here are a few shots from that wonderful, memorable day:

11144420_10206709755290099_2636327494872890822_n 11403142_10207150312340684_2908283228199897312_n

Our Album Cover haha

11541054_10206709741809762_1017433707223731197_n 11659559_10206709738689684_6204289190873637617_n 11709465_10206709752890039_5896177188183949399_n tim hortonsWe found a Tim Horton’s, so of course being the coffee addict that I am, I HAD to try it – it was amazingly good!!!!

Over a week has already passed and I thank God every single day for this experience! Each day here (even the ones where it’s unbearably hot – no AC – and I’m exhausted and grumpy) are a sweet and gentle reminder at the second chance I’ve been given to enjoy and experience this marvelous life. God’s plans have taken me a completely different route then I had in mind for myself, and I am forever grateful that they did – otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten to have this music experience or been fortunate enough to meet all these beautiful souls.
I know I’m cheesy a lot – I really can’t help it. I just really love this life I’ve been blessed with and I feel so fortunate to be able to share my experiences and my love for this life with everyone around me! I pray that you all have a fabulous Tuesday! I’m off to breakfast as I have 4 hours of practice, a chamber coaching, a violin lesson, a lecture, and a concert to attend tonight! Have a safe and blessed day everyone 🙂

-Love Always ❤


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