Just Say It!

As usual, my heart is overflowing! There are so many beautiful moments that I wish to share and recount to you all but that would take hours upon hours to type out and to be honest, I’m not sure I could do them all justice by using words alone.

There is one thing that somewhat encapsulates all of them though, and it is this: Just Say It!!!

I have found that I have been very outspoken lately. I’ve never been “shy” but I’ve always been somewhat quiet – more likely to not say anything as opposed to saying whatever pops into my mind. However, I think I have finally found a happy medium between those 2 extremes.

I think it’s refreshing and healthy to make a conscious effort to speak up whenever a positive thought or a compliment is on your mind. If you’re thinking about someone or if you think a compliment inside your head – JUST SAY IT! People love to know when someone is thinking about them or even what people are thinking about them (so long as it’s nice!!).

I have been trying to make an effort to follow my heart and to use my words and my mouth to display my overflowing heart.

While we were in Montreal I gave a protein bar to a homeless man and his gratitude was humbling – this is something I would never have done in the past. This morning I thanked the cleaning ladies while they were in our bathroom….they were caught off guard because no one ever thanks them and their gratitude was encouraging to me. I love speaking life to others – it’s almost addictive to try to challenge yourself each and every day to speak more positively and speak uplifting thoughts and words to all those around you.

I am finding inexplicable happiness in speaking my mind and it discovering that people will return that same favor when you take ths initiative to do it first. Everyone loves to feel loved, welcomed, and appreciated. Speaking uplifting words takes anywhere from 2 seconds to a minute and it can change someone’s day and in extreme circumstances – even their life!

I want to share this picture…taken by a friend while we visited Montreal, Canada. This picture displays true, unedited, real joy – I am finally feeling these things! I am healthy and I am feeling!!!! Not everyday is filled with joyous feelings of peace and happiness, but they are becoming more and more frequent. I want to lift everyone around me up and help them to feel love and to love themselves. I used to think that in order to do that I had to make myself as small and insignificant as possible. I thought that humbling myself meant reducing myself to nothing! I am finally realizing and believing that that is FAR from the truth! In order to lift others up, we must first lift ourselves up and nurture ourselves. My smile is no longer fake, my eyes are finally sparkling again and it is all because I have found my worth and my identity in something much, MUCH larger than myself! God has granted me this life and these talents and all these joys so that I can impact those around me and share and spread love – HIS LOVE! Nothing I have is from or by my own doing and I am overjoyed to have the task of loving everyone around me – including myself! I am finally finding my true self and this picture encapsulates the joy I have been finding by JUST SAYING what’s on my mind and lifting myself and all those around me up in His love!



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