“Step Forward Into Growth or Backwards Into Safety.”

Fall is my favorite season because the world is changing so dramatically. The earth seems to make a grand display of the process of peeling away it’s top layers and making way for new growth to take place in the coming months. I feel as though, since August is coming to a close and Starbucks will be offering pumpkin spice lattes soon, I can safely talk about fall without too much judgment being passed! Haha

How fitting that, as the trees allow their leaves to morph into a variety of different colors, I am also changing so dramatically.

As I prepare for the next series in the book which depicts this adventure (commonly referred to as, “life”) I find myself slipping easily back into negative thought patterns.

The “what if” train might sound like a good way to prepare yourself for anything, but let me warn you – you might as well just prepare for a train wreck.
Stop. Take a deep breath. And step off that train RIGHT NOW!

Then there’s the pessimistic assumption that everything that could possibly go wrong, undoubtedly will. Plot twist: It won’t.

Cue the nightly dreams (i.e. nightmares) of the most unlikely, unfathomable, occurrences and you’re pretty much one huge bundle of anxiety and on the verge of tears constantly.

Yep, that’s me. But I’m slowly learning that it doesn’t have to be.

“Just because the process hurts, doesn’t mean that the results won’t be beautiful.”

Throughout such a drastic change, there will undoubtedly be pain. Goodbye’s hurt, and they should – if they didn’t hurt then you probably didn’t love very much. And that goes for any type of relationships, places, memories, etc. But if I can hang on to the joy of the meaning of this transition, I will be so much happier (and my blood pressure might actually stay in the normal range for more than a few minutes a day!!).

When things get stressful, I’m going to try to remember how hard I worked to get where I am – in ALL aspects of life. I am going to try to put a positive spin on the painful goodbyes…however, I am also going to try to convince myself that it’s okay to cry. I’m not usually a “cry-er”. But, sometimes emotions can get the best of me – and instead of getting angry with myself for crying…I’m going to try to appreciate that I’m finally feeling something. I went years with blocking out every single emotion – both good and bad, and despite whether the emotions I experience now are positive or negative – it’s truly a blessing to be feeling anything at all.

Also, God’s got this – God’s got ME! So, the results won’t be anything short of amazing…maybe not every day will feel that way, but God provides for His children and He makes everything (and everyone) beautiful in their own time. I may not know what will happen a year from now…or 2 days from now, for that matter….but I know that God’s got everything under control and He will equip me to handle whatever life throws my way.

So here’s to stepping forward into the scary unknown – I’d rather walk forward into new adventure while holding God’s hand than to remain where I am just because it feels familiar.



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