It Is Well

Here I am….living in my little apartment on this huge college campus with multiple thousands of other individuals who are around my age. And somehow there is a God who cares specifically for me. He cares about the things I carry on my shoulders and in my heart each and every moment of the day. He witnesses sleepless nights. He feels the pounding of my heart as I experience an array of different emotions. This is the very same God who created the universe. He created the sun and told it when to rise. He created all the stars in the sky and showed them how to shine. He is doing all these same things for me. And again and again I realize…through the good and the bad emotions, all the ups and downs, it is well with my soul.
I am safe.
I am loved.
I am cherished.
I am called beautiful by the very being who brought me into existence.

At the end of the day (good and bad) I pray that you find peace in all these things. Because the same God who created me and instilled these values in me, did the very same for you.

I absolutely adore dancing. I’m not very good at it…I don’t know very many steps. And in the past, the fear of not knowing has often times prevented me from dancing at all. But God is the very best dancer in existence. And the best part? He knows ALL the steps. And we are safe to dance in His arms. God has taken me – the awkward wallflower who is so used to standing on the sidelines watching everyone else dance to their hearts content – and He has taught me how to begin dancing. He is slowly teaching me all the steps and constantly reassuring me that He will always be there to catch me when I trip over my 2 left feet! I am learning. I am living. And I am dancing just a little bit more each and every day. What a blessing!

May our eyes and our hearts never lose sight of the One who shows us that, undoubtedly, it is well! Go forth and conquer, warrior! Be the light 🙂



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