My Umbrella Blew Inside Out

I have discovered one of my least favorite combinations: Rain and wind.

Although, for the most part, things here at school have been nothing short of fabulous, there have been some not-so-hot moments. I tend to talk about the beauty and the glory that surrounds me in this world with the intentions of sharing my story and my hopes with all of you. But, I feel that by never sharing the mundane days – the ins and outs of day to day moments, I am not only doing myself a disservice, but you as well.

The mornings where you oversleep your alarm.
The coffee gets spilled.
The dog leaves a mess on the newly cleaned carpet.
Screaming babies.
Toilets that won’t quit running.
Mail that gets dropped in a puddle.
You forget your homework at…home.
Your tights have a hole in them – only to be discovered, of course, once you’re halfway to work.
You forgot your raincoat…and it starts to pour.
And so many other things that can, and inevitably, WILL go wrong some days.
This morning that was me…


I was on a roll…out of bed, showered, and out the door in no time. The only problem was that it was raining outside. Thankfully, it wasn’t raining very hard. But what I didn’t realize until I stepped foot on the sidewalk to get where I was going, was that it was also remarkably windy.
I’ve got a 10 minute walk each morning. Which is very enjoyable when it’s 75 degrees and breezy. But not today – the weather was not on my side. I’m walking as fast as I can, trying to keep a hold of my umbrella, keep myself dry, and keep my backpack with my music and laptop in it dry as well…and the wind is knocking my umbrella too and fro until all of the sudden…

WOOSH! My umbrella is inside out and me and all my stuff is getting dumped upon. I love mornings like this. Of course I reacted like any human being would…I muttered ugly words beneath my breath and tried my hardest to get the umbrella fixed as fast as I could.

By the time I had reached the music building, I was soaking wet but it had stopped raining – figures, right?!

So, this was one of my moments that felt a little less fabulous than the rest. And as I reflect on this morning, I almost have to laugh at myself for how ridiculous I must have looked to the people driving by! At the end of some days – all you can do is laugh!

One thing that has been on my mind lately, is how God gives us mundane days every now and then. I truly think that if every day were absolutely fabulous and exciting, then we would get exhausted and be in a state of constant anxiety and stress – that’s not how “fabulous” is supposed to be! I think the mundane days are the days where we can look up, instead of down at our spilled coffee, and say, “I hear you God – time to remember what really matters and act with grace.” Maybe there’s no such thing as “bad days” because every time we experience what we think is a “bad day” we’re really learning so, so much.

We all have mundane (dare I even say, boring) days and moments in our lives. We all have some “less than graceful” moments which, in hindsight, maybe should have been given more grace. I love my life here – I love all the learning, the music, the classes, the environment, the people, etc etc. But I’ve had some inside-out-umbrella-moments. That’s okay. It can’t be all rainbows and butterflies all the time.

This is my life – ALL of it; the mundane, boring, sad, happy, joyful, exciting, etc moments are gifts from God because all emotions and moments offer learning experiences. Sometimes you have to learn to appreciate those “bad days” for what they truly are…which is probably not ALL bad. 🙂

ssfgs unnamed

There are little moments for all of us – the little quirky things that rub us the wrong way, the things that frustrate, upset, or irk us.  We’ve all got them.  These are just a few of mine which happened to be captured on snapchat.  But throughout all these moments – the frustrating, the mundane, the exciting, etc…there’s always something to be learned when your umbrella gets blown inside out.  And none of these moments change the fact that…it’s still a good life.


“A miracle every day would cease to be miraculous—it would be mundane. Though even a boring sunset is still glorious.”
― Jarod Kintz


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