The Driving Force

For those of you who aren’t already aware: I am a control freak.

I constantly have the feeling that I need to be in control of SOMETHING. Maybe that’s what I love to drive. Even when my parents and I go out, I am always quick to offer to drive. The driver of the car has the ultimate control…control over where we go, how we get there, how fast we get there, if and when we stop, the temperature of the car, the first choice in music, etc. I am the driving force behind the wheel of the car – no one else can step on the brakes or control the gas pedal; no one else can steer the wheel but me. It’s nice, to feel as though you can be comfortable and in control of a situation. It makes it more bearable to feel as though you have a say in how things occur.

I’ve come to realize that many of us (at least, I know I do) make the dangerous mistake of approaching our lives in this very same fashion. I like to be the driving force behind my life because it gives it gives a sense of control. It makes me feel as though I am in control of my life – outcomes, situations, interactions, etc. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that that sense of control I feel is simply a facade – it’s fake, a flaw in the way I approach my life.

I am not the driving force behind my life. I never have been and I never will be. I am simply sitting in the passenger seat, (trying to) make the most of the view and the ride, trying to freely throw my arms up and hang my head out the window – attempting to learn to sing along with the radio at the top of my lungs. I am trying to learn to appreciate the wind in my hair – the messiness and tangles it can cause, but the undeniable sense of peace, freedom, and love it also brings. I am trying to learn to surrender control of the wheel.

Most people are familiar with the song by Carrie Underwood, “Jesus Take the Wheel”? Well, that is literally what I an trying to allow myself to scream out each and every day of my life. Because God is the only true driving force in our lives – the only TRUE sense of control. Any sense of control we may have that seems to come from ourselves is false – the work of Satan in our lives, trying to convince us that we are invincible and that we don’t need Jesus Christ.

The only thing we have control over is whether we choose to react or respond to our circumstances and the situations that occur around us. If we choose to react, then we’re letting Satan win and dictate our behaviors and actions. If we choose to respond then ultimately we are making the conscious effort to say, “God, I may not like this. It may not be easy. It may be painful. And I may not understand it. But I’m leaning into your arms and asking for help, guidance, and peace as I move forward.”

I love to drive. I love to feel as though I am in control of what’s going on within me and around me. But, ultimately I have control over nothing aside from whether or not I choose to surrender every circumstance, instance, moment, etc to the only true driving force in my life – Jesus Christ.

“Let God have you, and let God love you – and don’t be surprised if your heart begins to hear music you’ve never heard and your feet learn to dance as never before.”

“Though we may not be able to see His purpose or His plan, the Lord of heaven is on His throne and in firm control of the universe and our lives.”
― Max Lucado


The best car rides are the ones I take with the little angel God sent to be by my side ❤ Her sweet kisses and love are just a physical reminder of a tiny fraction of the love God has for me, as one of His children 🙂



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