Eight Things That Waste Our Time.

1. Worry.

Worry Keeps us busy, but it gets us absolutely nowhere. Now, granted, for those of you who know me – you know that just by simply typing this out I am likely being the world’s biggest hypocrite. I spend SO much time and ENERGY just worrying about things – fretting, planning, trying to control, being anxious, guessing, projecting, etc. But I can tell you from experience that it’s gotten me no where. It’s something I’m, working on slowly but surely, and I’m trying really hard every single day to turn my worries over to the Lord. I’m trying to simply do what I can do and let God do what I cannot do. Step out in faith, knowing that with God nothing is impossible.

2. Guilt.

Guilty as charged. I carry immense guilt. Gosh, I think I even carry guilt for things I never even did or said or anything! It’s as if I enjoy feeling guilty?! I don’t. It’s miserable. And just like worry, it drains our time and energy – both precious resources in this crazy world we live in. The fact is that, as human beings we are going to make mistakes. No one and nothing is perfect aside from God – perfection only exists in and through Him. Guilt keeps us stuck in our past – declare a war on living in your past! The past is the past and we don’t live there anymore – you CAN change with God’s help and what happened yesterday doesn’t have to impact what happens today. Not in a negative way, anyways.

3. Trying To Change What Only God Can Change.

Again, Hi hello – my name is Sarah Catherine and I’m a control freak. I try to control myself, others, my life, my circumstances, my surroundings, etc. But there are things in our lives that only God is capable of changing. For example, only god can truly change the other people in our lives. I have spent YEARS trying to “fix” relationships that haven’t been healthy – to no avail because in order for anything to be fixed, someone must want and be willing to change. And only God can move a person to the point of wanting to change. We can pray for other people, but only God can change their hearts. As far as changing ourselves goes? We have minimal control over that. God will never help us be anyone aside from who He wants and plans for us to be – if our plans and His don’t align, we better just surrender our own and follow His – otherwise we will spend a considerable amount of time and strength putting ourselves through unnecessary turmoil.

4. Complaining.

Nothing positive every comes from complaining. My parents used to always say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” and that is the perfect way to view complaining. Complaining not only zaps us of energy and enthusiasm, but it pulls down the other people around us who are listening to our complaints. Make an effort to stop your own complaining and also to protect yourself by spending time around other people who are willing and able to find the good in life and lift themselves and you up with positive words! Our words are powerful and we should use to them to glorify our God!

5. Being Angry.

Refuse to be angry. Being angry is literally medically proven to be harmful to your body and mind. It’s alright to feel the feeling of anger, but at some point we have to realize that holding on to that anger is only harming us – not the person or things we may be angry at. Anger is poison to our minds, emotions, personalities, and spiritual lives – and to others around us! I think it’s vital to our well being to remember that GOD is our vindicator. HE will make right what others have made wrong – all we have to do is Trust Him!

6. Fear.

In her book, “I Dare You” Joyce Meyers says, “Fear can actually steal your destiny. Anyone who lives in fear will never fulfill God’s purpose for their lives/ Fear hinders progress and that is exactly why the devil uses it as his favorite weapon against people. The devil does not want you to go forward. If you decide to go forward, you will have to confront fear.”

It is so, so important to remember that fear never ever comes from God. God has not given us the spirit of fear – He has given us courage. And when we feel fear we need to take a step back and assess why we feel it and where it is coming from. And then we need to take a step forward and DO IT AFRAID! Fear is a feeling and feelings should never make our decisions for us.

7. Blame.

It’s easy to blame others. Some of us have become so comfortable playing the victim card – nothing that happened to us is or was our fault and we use that to our advantage. And then there are others of us who waste our lives blaming ourselves for everything. Everything that went wrong was our fault and we are to blame – and we can’t ever seem to let it go. Well, regardless of who you choose to blame for something (others or yourself) blaming is unhealthy emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and it robs us of joy and peace in our lives. Blaming is a waste of time and doesn’t serve anyone.

8. Comparing.

Hello, yes – it’s me again. The only reason I can write about these 8 things is because I am guilty or wasting time doing ALL of them. But I know I’m not alone. I mean, I’m sure you do too! Oh wait – is that the start of a comparison? I digress.

Comparing is toxic. It’s toxic to us and to the ones we’re comparing ourselves too. The thing that has helped me the most in my life in order to lessen the amount of time I spend comparing myself to others has been to try to adopt tunnel vision. I only want to look straight and see what’s right in front of me. When I look to the sides I see others and all they have or don’t have and that’s when I fall into the trap of comparing. But when I focus on looking straight ahead I am able to focus on my own goals and stay present in my own life – and I always try to keep Jesus Christ straight ahead of me – His words, His plans for me, and His passions He’s given me. God may take us on a route we didn’t plan or expect for ourselves, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the best route in the world – trust Him instead of comparing with others.

“God’s heart…is not that we escape our lot, but that we learn to thrive in the midst of it.”
Mary E. DeMuth


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